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Gorgeous hair isn't cheap and cheap hair is not gorgeous, I'm afraid.

The good news is, here at Wilson Wigs we use the best quality double drawn, human hair extensions from Euphoria One, Routes and Glamourous Lengths for longer lasting, stylable and re-usable extensions.

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Micro Ring hair extensions are a strand by strand method; attached with tiny rings that come in several colours for a close match to the root hair shade. These rings are made of metal and have a silicone lining for extra grip and damage prevention to the natural hair. Micro rings are my favourite alternative to using glue or heated methods.

Micro Rings have become increasingly popular with celebrity figures due to their low maintenance and the hair can be re-used over and over again, when looked after properly, making them very cost effective.

This method is not suitable for metal allergy sufferers.


Fusion Bonded hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extension methods on the market. There are applied with gentle heat and use a protein-based adhesive to form a strong bond.

This method is a great way to add long lasting length, volume and colour to natural hair and they can last up to four months with proper aftercare.

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The Celebrity Weave is an instant, versatile and long lasting wefted hair extension system that is suitable for most hair types. This method is quick to install and requires a maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks. The combination of micro rings and thread ensures that the weave is secure whilst allowing your natural hair to grow in a downward direction.

Similarly, but without the use of thread, the Micro Ring Weft is lightweight and relatively invisible because it lays flat against the head. This method lasts three months but I would recommend a repositioning appointment every 4-6 weeks.

These methods are not suitable for metal allergy sufferers.

The Tape Weft hair extension method is popular because it is lightweight and relatively invisible as the wefts lay flat against the head. Tape wefts can be used for daily wear or for special occasions because they are so quick to install. They last about 6-8 weeks on average but can be reused with new tape when maintained properly.

Because the tape is so gentle, this method is ideal for those with fine hair or those who have previously suffered from hair loss.

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