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Finding my path...

"In June 2019, I graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth where I studied Make-up for Media and Performance.  Over the three years I acquired many skills and I learnt so much about the different subject areas within the make-up industry, but I was happiest and excelled most when working with wigs and postiche.

I have worked as Head of Department for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at The Lighthouse in Poole and Mary Shelley at The Shelley Theatre in Boscombe as part of the last year of my degree. For these I designed the hair and make-up, made wigs and postiche pieces and led a team of assistant make-up artists in collaboration with acting and costume students.


After graduating, I completed an internship with AmiWigs Ltd in Chertsey and worked voluntarily as an outworker for Little Lady Locks and The Little Princess Trust, two wonderful charities that I am still closely connected with. 


Other employers include: The English National Opera, AmiWigs Ltd, Raoul Wigmakers, Samuel James Wigmakers, Ray Marston and The Hair Confidante.

I am now available to take on clients needing wigs and hairpieces, hair extensions and wig maintenance/repairs in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas."

Angel Wilson

Founder of Wilson Wigs & Postiche

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